Some short advice regarding the sales…


  1. Look at your wardrobe and write down what you need aka make a list.
  2. Decide on your budget and stick to it. This is the easiest if you only carry cash. Remember to keep it somewhere safe to avoid pickpockets especially if you’re going to a big city.
  3. Splurge on classics-save on the trend items.
  4. Make sure to have a rest budget for small crazy splurges on things you don’t really need, like ear cuffs or a make up palette in neon colors – just in case you want to go embrace the eighties this summer, you never know. This rest budget also includes money for food and drinks aka fun fun fun!  with your sales crazy girlfriends !
  5. Have fun !

Insight brought to you by no other than your zipper.

In the picture above a Saint Laurent’s frogged hussar coat and Dior’s evening coat. From Vogue September 1969, in case you were wondering. So no , I didn’t use a current fashion photo, these are not available anymore but if they are for you for some reason, hail to you!

In case yo haven’t figured it out, I specialize in vintage, and want to bring all my wisdom to you haha. So let’s talk zippers. They were called that way because of duh, the sound they make when you zip them up! Read More

The hair care you only bought because it looked like moisturizer.

I picked these two up for the reason mentioned above, and no, I haven’t tried them on my face, but I might, on a Friday night alone at home after a glass of wine, or three, haha. You know the feeling. You’re watching your favorite show and might decide to put on a mask and do some girly pampering and then you grab the wrong tube. It has happened before and I’m sure it will happen again. Read More

How to care for your pretty vintage boho dresses

The first thing I do coming home from a vintage hunt is carefully inspect my new treasures. I look at the fabric of the item and at the tags if there are any. I inspect the buttons and the seams and if they feel loose I give the item to Gilberte, my seamstress of 75 that’s been sewing since she was 7 ( I know it’s craaaaazy), to reinforce them. Read More