Marollywood and a bohemian seventies vintage dress

Every week me and my boyfriend Ewoud go on a little trip to the center of Brussels called the Marolles, where they have an awesome organic farmers market. We especially like it there because the people are friendly and the organic food is not too expensive. We live five feet from an organic supermarket that charges twice the price for vegetables and fruit so we prefer driving into Brussels and making a day out of it. Perfect occasion to show of one of my favorite seventies boho dresses. It’s so hot in Belgium right now and this airy breezy dress is just what I need to keep me cool. The weather in Belgium has been so complex lately going from hot to cold to rain. I’m glad the weather gods are on my side and that they made getting dressed a little easier today.






Sunnier: Rayban

Dress: Seventies vintage

Sandals: Tropeziennes

Earrings: Seventies Mexican earrings from the shop



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