A fun tool to help you build a GREAT CLOSET

We all can get a little lost when it comes to our closet. Often enough that has to do with how we feel inside or how much thought we’ve put in to our closet.

A great way to plan out your closet is to look at your lifestyle and write down what you need in your closet in function of that lifestyle. It will make your mornings getting dressed so much easier.

I’ve listed some questions below to map our your lifestyle and interests. This is only one little step in the process of building a great closet, but it’s an important one.

Have fun!

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If you don’t have the budget and you want to invest in something fashionable….


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Ways to be strangled by your handbag and other weird fall fashion trends

Although I don’t really care for trends, I do need to do my research at the start of each new season, as fashion does repeat itself. OMG! Seriously? It’s not a myth? OMG! Tell the world! Read More

Honoring summer

With fall around the corner, and the feeling that I didn’t get enough wear out of my favorite boho dress, I decided to take action! Summer in Belgium had a rocky start this year. We’ve had to wait forever to soak up some real sun. Spring was filled with rainy days and it wasn’t until the end of juli that some hesitating sunbeams finally decided to show up in full grandour. Needles to say, I’m so not done with summer and trying to make the most of the remaining summer days. And in what better place to start honoring summer than in a super fake Japanese garden ? How about you? How do you feel about the transition to fall? Read More