Ways to be strangled by your handbag and other weird fall fashion trends

Although I don’t really care for trends, I do need to do my research at the start of each new season, as fashion does repeat itself. OMG! Seriously? It’s not a myth? OMG! Tell the world!  Even though my  vintage business is for a small niche group that couldn’t be further from trend followers, I’ve noticed over the years that the vintage pieces that were on trend that year, got sold much easier than the pieces that weren’t. Proof’s in the pudding- I’ selling much more seventies vintage now than a few years ago. I present to you my september homework! And if I might repeat myself somehow on this very interesting though long list of trends, it’s only because I want to make it stick by the time I’m going to buy new items. Anyway. I know you care.

I present…

The trends as seen on the runway combined with an easy to integrate into your wardrobe street style look just below.  Are we ready for fall? Hell yeah!

Dusty pink preferably combined with yellow

As seen at Ulla Johnson fall 2016

ulla johnson 2016


Ruffled details as seen at Victor + Rolf fall 2016


ruffes streetwear

Velvet as seen at Céline fall 2016  

celine velvet 2016

velvet 2016 streetwear

Tinsel as seen at Dolce and Gabbana fall 2016

Dolce & Gabanna RTW tinsel

Tinsel street

Wide pants as seen at Alice + Olivia fall 2016

alice + olivia 2016 wide legg

Streetwear wide legg 2016

The puffer as seen at Kenzo fall 2016

Puffer kenzo fall 2016

streetwear puffer

The hoodie as seen at Fenty x Puma fall 2016

Fenty x puma fall 2016 Hoodie

streetwear hoodie

Navy coat as seen at Coach runway fall 2016

coach runway 2016 navy coat

streetstyle navy coat 2016

A touch of metallic as seen at Schiaparelli fall 2016

Schiaparelli metallic details fall 2016

streetstyle metalic details

Embellished guitar strap handbags as seen at Lanvin fall 2016

Lanvin rtw fall guitar strap

street guitar strap

Cross body stoles as seen at Fendi fall 2016

fendi 2016 fall stoles

stoles street

Statement fake fur coat as seen at YSL fall 2016

statement fur YSL 16


Photo Courtesy of Nathalie Offduty

Frayed hem as seen at Simon Miller fall 2016

Simon miller 2016 rtw hemme

frayed hemm streetstyle

The bomber/ puffer or in this case, a mutation of the two as seen at Shiaparelli fall 2016

Schiaparelli fall bomber jacket

bomber jacket

Camel colored anything as seen here at Ryan Roche fall 2016

Ryan Roche fall RTW 2016

camel sweater

Renaissance style as seen at Chanel fall 2016

renessaince chanel 2016

renaissance street

Gold as seen at Ralph Lauren fall 2016

Ralph Lauren 2016


Stranger Things has hit the runway- aka ways to be strangled by your handbag.

As seen at Proenza Schouler fall 2016

There is no streetwear picture as they are laying breathless on the

dirty street floor for no photographer has noticed them.

Still love their other style handbags mucho mucho and have decided to forgive them for this minor mistake. I ain’t gonna wear my bay like this! Even if it prevents me from getting robbed in Brussels, or anywhere else.

Proenza schouler 2016 weird ways

Checkered coat and corset as seen at Prada fall 2016

Prada fall rtw 2016

blanket coat fringes 2016

Corset as seen at Prada fall 2016

PRADA Milan RTW Fall Winter 2016 February 2016
PRADA Milan RTW Fall Winter 2016 February 2016

corset street

Ankle booties with style heels as seen at Philip Lim 2016

Phillip lim 2016 David Bowie heels


Patent leather as seen at Nina Ricci 2016

nina ricci 2016

patent leather street 2016

Off the shoulder as seen  at Atelier Versace fall 2016

alelier versace one shoulder 2016

one shoulder off the shoulder street

Suit up! as seen chez Atelier Versace 2016

atelier versace 2016

pantsuit streetstyle

Dresses over turtlenecks as seen at Each +Other fall 2016

eacht+ other fall 2016

Nathalie of Duty 2016

Photo courtesy of Nathalie Offduty

Capelets as seen at Marni fall 2016

Marni 2016 capelets

capelet streetstyle

Maghenta green in a seventies style as seen at Heohwan  fall 2016

heohwan simulation

malachite streetwise

Clogs and loafers & serious discussions as seen at Gucci fall 2016

I like mine furry on the inside… on that note..let’s continue…

gucci loafers rtw 2016

loafers and cloggs streetstyle

Deep blue fur as seen on Kylie Jenner fall 2016

And this is what happens when you get too close to the cookie monster !

Kylie jenner eaten by cookie monster

The bomber jacket, is just everywear ‘ wink wink get it? ‘ as seen at Gucci fall 2016 

gucci 2016 bomber


Grey checkered everything,but mostly ,suit for moody girls as seen at

Courrèges fall 2016



Lace & see through naughtiness as seen by Alexander McQueen fall 2016

Excusez -moi monsieur. I must be in the wrong room. I’m looking for my handsome

French lover. Anyhow-leave the Allo Allo accent, move on your cul avec les tendances d’automne !

alexander mcqueen

florals streetwear

Cape, for whom a capelet isn’t nearly enough as seen at Fendi fall 2016

Fendi 2016 renaissance


Over the top sleeves as seen at Dries Van Noten fall 2016

extreme sleeves dries v noten 2016

extreme sleeves olivia palermo

Flower dresses as seen by Elie Saab fall 2016

Elie Saab


Choker as seen at Alexander McQueen fall 2016

alexander Mcqueen 2016


Shearling coats and sad faces on the runway  but we’re happy in the streets as seen at Carven fall 2016.

That’s because those street styles are way cheaper yo !



I know what you’re thinking right now: With all those pictures, she’s gotta upgrade her storage asap & like Olivia Palermo much huh?

Olivia rocks so hard. LOVE! her.




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