Find the perfect fit & be eternally in style


It’s tempting to buy something a size too small or too big. We justify our purchases by making up logical reasons. We will lose the weight, it’s the only dress left in the store, we need this for that special occasion, you’re meeting him tonight and the store is closing. We all know how our women minds work. Only, wearing the wrong fit is a mayor deal breaker when it comes to being stylish. Being stylish does not mean wearing a trend item or finding your key words when defining your style. If you trust your intuition, you will grab the item that screams YOU. You just have to listen to that inner voice. Most stylish women just wear the RIGHT FIT. It’s that easy.

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Save thousands of dollars online, but first

Look at the list above with all the reasons women shop. Then decide, if you really need the item. If you do, you get my OK GO!

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How to build a wardrobe within your budget?

The average woman spends 150 dollars to 400 dollars a month on clothing.  This doesn’t seem like an extremely shocking number to me. However like anything in life, what you spend on your clothes mainly depends on your budget & your income.

Did you know that you should only spend 5% of your monthly income on clothing according to financial planner Pete Dunn?  I don’t know about you but that equals to about 105 euro’s a month for me, which doesn’t seem that much. So how do you buy clothes without feeling restricted? How to go from restriction to abundance in this area?

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If it’s not budgeted, don’t buy it.

Reasons why women are financially sabotaging themselves.


The clothing and beauty industry is constantly playing on the often multiple insecurities we have as women (I look fat, I look pale, my eyelashes aren’t thick enough-he will never notice my blue eyes and then pass me over for a long legged gazelle with Kardashian eyelashes…) to double their buck. Their sneaky marketing influences us women to buy something we think we need but we mostly don’t need. I looked up a survey that a by a big financial institution did on the spending habits of women. It pointed out that an average women spends 150 dollars to 400 dollars a month on clothing alone. By doing this we are unfortunately unconsciously financially sabotaging ourselves & getting behind financially on men who tend to have a more rational approach to money. Which can lead to us being financially dependent of them and to staying behind on some areas in life which can result to us feeling miserable, which can result in a big old shopping spree, again. Do I see a vicious circle somewhere here ladies? I think I do, I think I do.

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