If it’s not budgeted, don’t buy it.

Reasons why women are financially sabotaging themselves.


The clothing and beauty industry is constantly playing on the often multiple insecurities we have as women (I look fat, I look pale, my eyelashes aren’t thick enough-he will never notice my blue eyes and then pass me over for a long legged gazelle with Kardashian eyelashes…) to double their buck. Their sneaky marketing influences us women to buy something we think we need but we mostly don’t need. I looked up a survey that a by a big financial institution did on the spending habits of women. It pointed out that an average women spends 150 dollars to 400 dollars a month on clothing alone. By doing this we are unfortunately unconsciously financially sabotaging ourselves & getting behind financially on men who tend to have a more rational approach to money. Which can lead to us being financially dependent of them and to staying behind on some areas in life which can result to us feeling miserable, which can result in a big old shopping spree, again. Do I see a vicious circle somewhere here ladies? I think I do, I think I do.




Being financially healthy plays a very big part in getting what you want in life and women don’t always keep that in mind when they go shopping.

So ladies, keep the bigger picture in mind when you spend your hard earned bucks and think about some bigger investments in life you want to make.

Set up a savings fund and give it a cool name like, “I’d like to sleep safe and sound at night” or “ Maureen is going to Seattle!” ( Well, I’m actually going to France and London first, but Seattle has always been on my mind somehow..)

Or: “I’m going to be a boss lady, watch me.” Anyway. The moment you start earning money, you should set some goals for yourself and your life. Never ever just say, hey, I’m going to putt some money aside and save for later. This is unsexy as hell and isn’t a great motivation to getting to your financial goals. It could work for you but it sure did nothing for me.

The ten reasons we women are buying stuff:

  • We want to cheer ourselves up.
  • We want to treat others
  • We feel like we’re looking good
  • We feel a bit low
  • We feel happy
  • We want to impress others
  • We feel depressed
  • We feel things aren’t going so well with our partner
  • We feel unattractive
  • We’re anxious or worried.


And 11:  We were out with friends and they convinced us to buy it because it looked so good on us. Sneaky bastards, tell them you’re budgeting for something else.

The best reasons to buy something.

  • You need it- I know this can be misinterpreted in many ways….If you are literally naked without it, you’l probably need it. A little exaggeration never hurt anybody.
  • It looks good on you. It’s your true fit- no gaps- no buttons snapping – no boobs pressed.
  • It’s your style- and you know what your style is, and you’re loving it.
  • You will wear it often, it fits within multiple life areas. At work, at a party, out with friends… when you play chess with your boyfriend…the only time you won’t be wearing it is because you’re doing something naked.
  • It’s in your budget. NO CREDITCARDS ! & all your bills in order to SURVIVE in this world are payed for. And hey, it’s a cruel world.

Okay you can make number five number one, because if it’s not budgeted, don’t buy it.







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