Save thousands of dollars online, but first

Look at the list above with all the reasons women shop. Then decide, if you really need the item. If you do, you get my OK GO!

These are my 11 online shopping tips, because ever since I saw STRANGER THINGS I’ve been obsessing over the number eleven. Seriously? No. Not really.

  1. Set a budget for your purchases & decide on what you want to buy.
  2. Know what’s in your closet. Check first if you don’t already own 5 pieces like the piece you want to buy, or lookalikes. Twins, like Dany Devito & Arnold, or not quite like that, but you get it.
  3. Look at your closet again & ask yourself if it works with your style & your closet & what you will combine it with.
  4. Remind yourself not to fall into the trap of only buying because it’s on sale.
  5. I know it sounds like a contradiction to the previous tip, but hey, life is about contradictions. Go to the outlet or clearance section first to see if your item is in it, or to find an item that is as good as the one you wanted. Note to this, almost nothing is as good as what you first had decided on. To be safe, just try to buy the item you had decided on & spark joy instead of buying the runner up. I know I’m complicating things here but I used to go for the runner up & then buying the one I had set my heart on later anyway & I never wore my second choice. So I actually lost double money. I payed double and I didn’t get it back in price per wear either.
  6. Always sort from highest to lowest price.
  7. Fill your basket and then leave it like that for a few days to a week. Chances are you’ll remove half of the stuff because you don’t like it that much anyway. This is a good remedy to stop impulse buys.
  8. Always, always search for coupons to get free delivery, take 10 pct off etc etc.
  9. Before you buy think about the amount of hours you have to work for that item. 10 hours at your job for a 150 dollar coat? Still worth it? You may proceed to checkout.
  10. SPEND AT THE SAME STORE. Try to get the item you want on Ebates. They will give you money back each time you buy. I’m European, Belgian so I try to shop as much as I can on Monshowroom which operates through the same system. You collect money each time you buy something at their website & can putt your ” saved” amount to use whenever you want. I like to save it up for a bigger purchase at the end of the year for example, and get a huge discount. Whenever I’m not buying vintage I try to shop at Monshowroom. We all know you’re not really getting money back because you are actually spending but it’s a nice way anyway. It’s like collecting points at the same grocery store and getting your groceries for free at the end of the year. It does pay off to spend at the same place.
  11. Another thing I do when I look for particular things is go on Ebay or at where you can type the brand you like or item you like & select 20%-50% or 70% off. They might have the last one of the one you wanted at some online shop somewhere in internet universe at 50% off or more. A lot of stores do this when it’s the last item they have in, and now there is a way that you can easily track them down.
  12. Don’t buy anything. But you know, that’s just boring.

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