Find the perfect fit & be eternally in style


It’s tempting to buy something a size too small or too big. We justify our purchases by making up logical reasons. We will lose the weight, it’s the only dress left in the store, we need this for that special occasion, you’re meeting him tonight and the store is closing. We all know how our women minds work. Only, wearing the wrong fit is a mayor deal breaker when it comes to being stylish. Being stylish does not mean wearing a trend item or finding your key words when defining your style. If you trust your intuition, you will grab the item that screams YOU. You just have to listen to that inner voice. Most stylish women just wear the RIGHT FIT. It’s that easy.

So how do you get the right fit?

  1. Ignore your size : Always try everything on, especially with vintage, size doesn’t matter, women were smaller back in the days, and most vintage stores carry clothes from all over the world, so sizing really means nothing. Try this technique in the regular stores too. So what if you wear a large, it may mean you have beautiful broad shoulders and boobs, or a beautiful round behind. Good for you. Sizing says nothing about how your body is proportioned.
  2. Dress for your bigger part : And get the rest altered. This is something I always have to do when I buy a dress. The upper part of my body is bigger than the lower part, so I get the dress altered at the lower parts.
  3. Make alterations: In every area you are not happy with. What do you think those stylists do at the big fashion shows?
  4. Have a tailor measure you up: It’s always a good thing to have a professional measure you up so that you know your exact size. This is also extremely important when buying lingerie. S many women wear the wrong size lingerie and that’s like, the fundament of your whole look.
  5. Master online shopping: Most stores have a size guide in inches and cm at Net-a-porter they even put a size guide in with the item you’ve ordered to help you pick the correct size with your next order. Number 4 certainly comes in handy when you shop online.
  6. Consider custom made: This might be the more expensive option, but investing in a piece you’ll wear time after time will pay off. For instance a lot of men will have their suit custom made. If you’re at a high level position why wouldn’t you do this as a women? After all isn’t that why Yves Saint Laurent invented the women suit?





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