Style & what I’ve learned from my boyfriend

I can’t believe I’m writing this post right now because my boyfriend is like the last person in the whole universe that’s concerned with style. He’s deadly serious about other very crucial things, like, the real important stuff, you know, like gaming and soccer and such. He’s like a real dude, if that means anything. But he has thought me a few basic thing about fashion that everyone should follow.

  1. Budget. I can’t stress this one enough, and I know, It’s a real though cookie, at least for me. Let me explain. We have just bought a house, a fixer upper, all our budget, that we don’t really have, we have to save up for EVERYTHING, goes into this project. But I feel it’s especially hard on me because I’ve been on a budget for the two years previous to this project. I decided, at 32 years old, that I should go to art school, and so I did, part time & took all the challenges that came with that decision, also the big financial one, along.  I haven’t invested in my wardrobe for at least 4 years. My boyfriend also needs clothes, because he just didn’t care and he still doesn’t so that makes living with what you got a bit easier on him than on me haha. I’m in the stage that I realize my clothes from my twenties aren’t me anymore or that because all my jeans we’re falling apart and I didn’t have cash to spend it on good ones, I bought 2 jeans on sale that are low waist and now I don’t feel comfortable wearing them because my crack shows when I sit. It’s also so not possible to buy everything vintage or thrifted and good vintage clothes are also not always cheap. It wasn’t so bad in summer. It’s easy to throw on shorts and a T-shirt, but guys I’m really suffering now that it’s going to be winter. The funny part of it is, we also don’t have a lot of money to spend outside our house, so I try to make being at home as cosy as possible, the only thing that’s been on my mind lately is loungewear. Aka bathrobes, big sweaters, sweatpants, nightgowns, slippers. As if I don’t have to go to work outside. I’m thinking of clothes no one will ever see but me & my boyfriend. THAT’S CRAZY!
  2. Wait. He doesn’t buy the cheap options with the little money he’s got & buys something he’s going to regret. There is no money, he waits. No one will see this crack  unless he forgot his belt.
  3. Make combo’s with what you got. He works with the little options he’s got. He literally has 3 jumpers. 2 for summer and 1 for winter. It’s that bad. And he just wears the summer ones with an extra layer. Amazing. I also don’t have that many jumper options. I’M DYING. HANG IN THERE.
  4. He does something I’ve attempted my whole life. He lays out his outfit the night before to save time in the morning. Oh god, how many times has my mum told me to do this. The reason I didn’t is because I used to live alone, and I wasn’t bothering anyone whereas now, it’s annoying that I run in and out the bedroom to search for bras and panties in the dark. It’s also annoying to me that I have to feel them like I’m a blind woman. ” Oh no, not those, those are the ones with lace, my colleagues will see them because of the low jeans, and think I’m a stripper at night”. The second reason is that, I want to see what the weather is like, what I’m feeling like wearing that day. I don’t want to think like one week in advance what I’m going to be wearing, that takes the fun out of fashion a bit for me. But I’m going to do it. This life hack saves you so much time, time I need to figure out how I’m going to work with the 2 skinny jeans that I’ve got and cover up my crack.



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