A bouquet of Pai skincare

When I’m thinking of spring, I confess, cleaning out my wardrobe is the first thing on my mind. It feels so good to putt all the heavy knitwear away and start fresh. It’s what’s spring is all about, blossoming again after a long dark winter.

That’s why I will never forget the importance of good skincare. Heavy moisturizing cream gets replaced with a softer lighter version. We keep our day cream with SPF at handy reach and we fall in love with breezy perfumes and smells. I have to confess that I’ve been using the Pai range for a while now, but It still feels like spring to me whenever I’m using it. The first product I bought was their rosehip oil. I used it right before bedtime and  I noticed it was so moisturizing, soothing and made my acne scars fade quicker. I was on a quest to buy only cruelty free products so when I ran out of the other regular skincare products that I was using I bought the whole Chamomile & Rosehip collection & I haven’t regretted it. Pai works wonders on my sensitive skin. It’s organic, cruelty free and seriously the softest cream I’ve ever had on my skin. I guess I’ll just have to remain a Pai lover forever. What’s your opinion on Pai skincare?




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