DIY BEAUTY/ no nasties..

Hi guys, as I was looking through my bathroom shelf this morning I noticed a lot of empties and without the money to replace them I decided to search online for DIY beauty recipes. We all love Lush ( well I do) but their products don’t necessarily come at a cheap price point. So here are the recipes I found & dying to try.

Lemon loco coco shampoo.

cocnut lemon


Organic Shampoo Base like melted castile soap, organic coconut oil, and lemon essential oil


Measure out your shampoo base to fit your jar. Add about 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil, which is excellent for nourishing your hair and scalp. Stir in the coconut oil slowly. Add your fragrance of choice! I added about 20 drops of lemon essential oil  to give it a fresh citrus scent. Sterilize your jar before you add the shampoo.

Olive oil and honey conditioner



1 Tbsp honey

3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil


Mix the ingredients into a bowl until they make a paste .Lightly shampoo and use a light condition if you need to detangle knot. Work the paste though your hair from roots to tips. Wrap up in plastic and leave it for 10-15 minutes.Rinse in the shower, never the bath, unless you want to get covered in oil!

Easy peasy lip balm.



1/8 cup Coconut Oil (available at most grocery stores or health food stores)

1/4 cup Beeswax (available at craft stores)

1/8 cup Shea Butter (available at craft stores or health food stores)

1 tsp Coconut or Vanilla Extract

1/4 cup Rose Petals (fresh or dried), feel free to substitute a different flower or herb here

1 tsp Sweet Almond Oil (available at craft stores


Measure all of the ingredients into a small saucepan or Pyrex container. Heat on low until everything is melted, or if using microwave heat in 30 second intervals until completely melted.  Pour into sanitized containers of your choice. Let cool completely (couple hours) and they’re ready to use! Since this recipe uses beeswax (melting point is 145 degrees fahrenheit) it will harden enough to put into empty tubes.

Sugar scrub with green tea



1 Cup of Granulated Sugar

1/8 Cup of Grapeseed Oil or olive oil

1/8 Cup of Brewed Green Tea (cooled)

1 Bag of Green Tea (not brewed)


Combine all the ingredients and mix well.

Uplifting Lemon eye-cream



4 teaspoons avocado oil

2 teaspoons calendula oil

2 teaspoons rosehip oil

½ teaspoon cornstarch or corn flour (the white one)

2 teaspoons melted beeswax (or 10g/0.3oz)

1 vitamin E capsule

3 drops lemon essential oil

Using a double boiler or a stainless steel bowl sitting in a pan. Allow the water in the saucepan or base of the double to boil gently.Add all the ingredients, except for vitamin E and essential, to the stainless steel bowl (or top of the double boiler) and stir gently, ideally with a whisk, until well and truly melted.Take off the heat and off the water.Stir in essential oil and vitamin E.Pour into sterile jars.Put the lids on once the cream is set and cool.


Teeth whitening paste 

teeth twee



Aluminum-free baking soda: whitens teeth and freshens breath (Click here to purchase)

3% food grade hydrogen peroxide*: whitens teeth and fights bacteria (Click here to purchase)

Peppermint essential oil: fights bacteria and provides flavor (Click here to purchase)


Simply mix one teaspoon baking soda with one teaspoon hydrogen peroxide into a smooth paste and add a few drops of the essential oil. Dip your toothbrush in the paste and brush for about 2 minutes before brushing with regular toothpaste.

Gentle Cleansing Facial Wipes



2 cups distilled water*

1 tablespoon melted coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil
5 drops Malealuca essential oil
5 drops Grapefruit essential oil
Optional: Few drops of vitamin e or aloe*
Microfiber cloths

*Note: It is important to use distilled water to prevent bacteria growth.


Cut up an old clean t shirt or towel into small squares. I cut mine to be a bout 2”x 2”. Set aside. Pour the melted or fractionated coconut oil in a large bowl. Add essential oils and vitamin e/aloe if using, and stir to combine. Add distilled water and mix again.

Lay your cut squares in the bowl to soak up the solution and then transfer to a jar of choice to store. Pour any remaining solution over towels. Store at room temperature or in the refrigerator if you’d like a nice and cool little experience removing your makeup. Use like any other regular facial cleansing wipes.

Charcoal mask


Full of ingredients that work wonders:

Bentonite Clay: When mixed with water it is great at absorbing toxins, impurities, bacteria, and chemicals, while adding healthy minerals to the skin

Activated Charcoal: Absorbs over 100 times its weight in impurities and chemicals

Aloe Vera: Light non-greasy moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, stimulates growth of new cells, full of antioxidants, fights allergic reactions, reduces redness

Shea Butter: Natural moisturizer, non-comedogenic, good source of vitamins for skin, anti-inflammatory

Camomile Tea: Full of antioxidants, soothes irritation, natural disinfectant, reduces redness

Eucalyptus Oil: Helps reduce skin inflammation, anti-bacterial, for scent

Peppermint Oil: Antiseptic and antibacterial, cooling and refreshing, for scent


2 tablespoons bentonite clay

3 capsules activated charcoal

3-4 teaspoons aloe vera

1-2 teaspoons shea butter

1.5 oz camomile tea

1 drop peppermint essential oil (optional)

1 drop eucalyptus essential oil (optional)


Start by brewing the tea and melting the shea butter in a double boiler. When the tea is ready and the shea butter is completely melted, mix them together.Mix the bentonite clay and the activated charcoal.Add the clay and charcoal mix to the shea and tea mix and stir.Add the aloe vera and essential oils and mix well.Store in an air-tight container.


Et voila, clean DIY recipes. Have you tried any of these?


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