Obsessed: Fin by Syd

The hypnotic singer of the internet released her solo album, Fin, in march 2017.  The album reads like a love story. Syd talks about loving herself in ” Insecurities”, notice the N.E.R.D “tape you” like bridge at the end of the song produced by Rahki,  and her lover in “Body”. In the opening track of the album, “Shake em off” Sid emancipates from her former style, flowing into a more slick sound than ever before. Keeping it even more congruent in “Know”, that has former R & B singer Aaliyah’s signature and finish all over it.  Which, for most of the tracks Syd Bennet herself is accountable. ” I turn nothing to something, so I’m a collect this money for sure”, she says in the track” Nothing to something”. Building a recording studio in her parents house at 14, Syd takes the term self made to a whole new level. In “All about me”, she talks about keeping the family that she came with close. Putting those words in to actions by having Internet band member, Steve Lacy on as a producer. Altering songs like the former with songs like “Smile more” which putts it again on the R & B tracks after the derailing in to edgy lyrics and hiphop beats. Don’t be mistaken for this is no R & B album in the strictest sense, even though Syd herself said about the single” Body ” that the album had to have the obligatory baby making track on it.

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